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Jungle River


Goa is emerging as one of the most popular tourist destinations, not only because of its mesmerizing beaches and flamboyant night life but also for other enthralling experiences such as adventure tourism. We are one of the best adventure tour organizers in Goa and provide one day trekking experiences for tourists as well as locals. 

Bicycling in Rain


Heritage and Biodiversity are the two cynosures of Goa tourism industry and thus the best way to explore Goa is on a bicycle. We have some exclusive cycling tours designed specifically for those who are not merely interested in seeing Goa but wish to feel it close and personal. We provide bicycles and safety gears with a local guide who will take you through the serene locales of Goa. 

Himalayan trek.jpg


Himalayas are the crown of India and an no one can call them an adventure company if they don't trek in Himalayas. Every year we organize number of treks to the Himalayas as per the season. Our treks generally start from Goa and our package includes journey from Goa and back though people from other states may also join our tours. 

Jungle River


Though adventure is the core competency of our company we also specialize in corporate training and team building activities. Small and large companies can avail our services for organizing their annual events for team building and training with fun activities. With highly professional facilitators we add a lot of fun activities with a tinge of adventure which can be enjoy by all in the hierarchy. 

School camp.jpg


The future of India needs to be nurtured with great care so that they grow in to independent and responsible citizen of this country. Having our own campsite, we can provide best package deals to schools and colleges who want to organize camps for their students. During these camps we indulge them in various adventure activities as well as enlighten them about the biodiversity of our region.

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