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Waterfall Trek

June to October

Located deep inside the rain forest. These waterfalls can be reached after 3 to 4 hours trek through dense jungle, crossing streams and long meandering trails. The drive to the start point is in itself breath taking with view of the Western Ghats, clothed in deep green foliage and numerous road side mini waterfalls. The waterfall empties to a large pool, it is serene and pristine. It’s cold and clear water is a reward for the trekkers.


Hill Trek

Round the year

Trek into treacherous wilderness, through gushing streams (depends on season) and winding trails, climbing until we conquer one of Goa's highest peaks.  Once you reach on hill top, you have almost 360 degree panoramic view of Western Ghats, where even clouds will be below you at times. The region may have leopards, deer, Indian bison, snakes and other reptiles, etc.


Coastal Trek

Round The Year

: Embark on a journey to explore Goa's pristine beaches between the rugged cliffs of the south, with panoramic views to better any that our eyes have ever experienced. We take off at the Cabo de Rama plateau going down to a secluded beach through a set of crude steps. This beach is lined with coconut trees and has a shallow river that we wade through to climb another hill. The top of this hill has a breathtaking view of the entire South Goa beach stretch. Here we can also see numerous birds and butterflies.

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