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“Off Trail Adventure”, as the name suggests is an adventure tourism company based in Goa.

Established in 2009, we are one of Goa’s First Adventure Companies founded by Ms. Bianca Dias, a Qualified Mountaineer from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering(NIM) having the distinction of climbing some of the most difficult terrains of India.

Ever since its inception we have worked extensively to provide authentic adventure experiences to the masses through the tours we organised all over India. We believe that tourism is not only about sightseeing but is about feeling the nature up close and personal; thus we plan our events in a way where our clients get to rendezvous the fascinating elements of mother nature. We focus on sustainable tourism and perseverance of the natural surroundings, flora and fauna.

 Not just another group of adrenaline junkies, but we prioritise safety above all. Thus we are equipped with advanced gears as well as expertise pertaining to the activities we conduct. We understand that every season has its own charm and has a unique experience to offer. We try to extract the best out of every season and thus all our events are planned exclusively considering the season and weather forecast. Our most popular events are the one day monsoon treks we conduct around Goa. Blessed with 4 Wild Life Sanctuaries and surrounded by the western ghats, Goa has plethora of options as trekking destinations including the beautiful waterfalls and the majestic hills with captivating views. Apart from local trekking we also indulge in Himalayan trekking, Biking, white water rafting, skiing and various other fun activities across India.

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